Find Availability

Manager (L3) or Administrator (L4) can view the conflicts of other users. 

Viewing Conflicts from the Conflict Page

1. Go to Schedule > Availability 

2. Select the desired a) Production b) User c) the desired date range.

3. You will then be able to see all of the Conflicts that user has put into the system. (Scheduled Calls do not show up in this view, and)

Viewing Availability of more than one user from the Add Call Page

1. Go to Schedule 

2. Click Add Call

Select the desired a) Production b) Users c) the desired date and time range

4. Click Find Available Users

5. Confirm the Users are free or not.

6. Change the Ranges as you need to.

7. When you find an acceptable time frame, click Transfer Selected Time 

We are currently gathering feedback on an enhancement that could Allow Managers and Admins to view ALL of the Conflicts as well as Calls for multiple user's in a calendar view. Please feel free to follow the link and give us your feedback.

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